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Introverts of the world: you CAN have business success. In this video, I discuss Networking for Introverts, a subject I know well as an introvert with success in business! And if you want to learn more, book a Biz Breakthrough call and we can talk strategy for your next networking event.

When I launched my first business and started networking, I dreaded it. I saw networking as a necessary evil, but definitely an evil. I hated it. Networking for introverts simply is not the same as it is for extroverts (who are 75% of the population, by the way.

The prevailing wisdom about networking back then was that you had to work the room and talk to as many people as possible. It felt like speed dating. Especially when people who quickly decided I had nothing to offer would just walk away (I witnessed some pretty intense rudeness at those events). Most times, I would go to the event because I knew I should, but I’d end up hiding in a corner until I could leave — not a very effective tactic.

Over the years, I developed some introvert success tactics that make networking for introverts much easier, and I dare say enjoyable! It’s all about being selective. Choosing how many events you’ll do (limit them to preserve your energy), the format (making sure you don’t choose events that drain you), and who you’ll talk to (as in, not everyone there).

When I started doing these three things, my networking life changed. It was no longer a chore. In fact, I have several networking events I attend regularly now because I like them so much. I never thought I’d say that 15 years ago!

You CAN be a successful business owner as an introvert. I am proof. Us introverts in business need to stick together and help each other have success. Follow these networking tips, and you will be on the road.

Feeling energized and ready to do some networking? I’d love it if you popped down into the comments and tell me one thing you will implement at your next networking event.

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