“What to do when life at work overwhelms me?” Oh boy is this a question I get a lot. So many women what to do when life at work overwhelms me. It is followed closely by “what to do when you feel overwhelmed at work.” The common word there being “overwhelmed.” I get it. When I worked in corporate, I often felt completely overwhelmed. Nobody likes feeling overwhelmed at work, and I am not the exception. So figuring out how to handle stress at work was a constant focus of my attention.

I have many tools for managing overwhelm, and I share two of them in this short video. I hope they help you out. I’m just launching my YouTube channel and would love for you to subscribe. So after you watch the video, comment, like and subscribe. And let me know how these tips help you when you are feeling overwhelmed at work.

Answering the question of what to do when life at work overwhelms me is so liberating…and it’s so easy to do. These exercises take less than a minute and they completely reframe your thoughts and your day.

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