Mindset Mastery

Happiness is…

mindset masteryFeeling confident in who I am. Learning how to stop the negative self-talk that keeps me from being the woman I want to be. Connecting with WHO I am at my core, not who I have been conditioned to be through a lifetime of messages from family, friends, and society.

If that sounds like you, the Mindset Mastery program can help you reframe the deep beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Gaining clarity, courage, and confidence is an internal job. Master your mindset and you will master the key to feeling confident with your purpose in life.

There are many ways to go about mindset transformations. My method is practical. I believe all of the answers are inside of you; you just need help and accountability in getting them out. Through practical exercises and journaling, you will reframe the deep seeded beliefs that keep you stuck, find your authentic self, and unleash the power within you.

Week Module Purpose Transformation
Before you start Where you are today The pre-work exercises take a look at where you are today: do you have balance, what needs to change? (hint: it’s not always what you think it is) Clarity on exactly where you are right now and how your current mindset is holding you back from your power.
ongoing Remove the clutter All of this work requires a clear space so that you can energetically get the results you crave. This starts with decluttering, cleaning and removing that which annoys you from your physical space. This program focuses on decluttering your mind. But you will find clearing your physical space has a huge impact. Energetic freedom to pursue your passions.
1 Your story We all have multiple truths. The first are the stories we have lived with our whole life that have shaped us for this moment. Then we have the story we’ve suppressed: who we are without limits. That is the truth of who you are and the impact you are destined to make in the world. Unlocking the true you and discovering what your purpose is.
2 Undoing what keeps you small A lifetime of negative stories keeps you from living your purpose. The old story comes with a set of beliefs, patterns and excuses that hold you back. Much of this is your ego desperately trying to keep you safe inside your comfort zone. But that is not where you are meant to live. This week is about undoing those beliefs. Clarity about what your deeply held beliefs are and how you use them as excuses to hold you back
3 Free yourself with forgiving Until you can forgive those who have instilled the negative beliefs in you and hurt you in other ways, you cannot move forward. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful mindset tools in freeing yourself because resentment keeps you from living in your power. Lightness of self from the release of this toxic emotion
4 Spreading your light You know your purpose and you have released what is holding you back. Now it is time to gain clarity on how you are going to live your purpose. Declaring your values and mission, and connecting it with what you love will put you on the path to living your authentic life and spreading your light. Confidence about what to do and how to live to be true to your authentic self.
6 Protecting yourself The truth is, the world (especially those who love you) will try to keep you safe by keeping you small. This week is about learning to set strong boundaries to protect your vision, mission and purpose. Protecting yourself is also about surrounding yourself with people who lift you up. We’ll look at your inner circle and how you can fill it with high-vibe people. Practical tools to protect yourself from the outside forces that will attempt to put you back in your box.

Program format:

  • Six weeks
  • Online course delivery—one module delivered each week
  • Unlimited email support
  • Private Facebook group (which you join after enrolling in the program).
  • Group Q&A format coaching call (come with your questions and breakthroughs, learn from the group—this is a very powerful format for unlocking deep seeded beliefs)
  • You will have access to the course modules and Facebook group for as long as the program exists. Should I close the program, you will have the opportunity to download the materials.

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