Gutsy Femeprenuer

Happiness is…

The courage to start my own business and the confidence t know I’m taking the EXACT right steps to be successful and THRIVE.

Gutsy Femeprenuer Mastermind

Rejuvenations MassageYou want to start your own business. Great choice! I’m a HUGE believer in the power of women taking charge of their career and life through entrepreneurship. I know from experience that this is a direct path to living your purpose and finding happiness.

I also know what it takes to own a small business. I’ve owned: 2 freelance writing business, 1 MLM, a graphic design agency, a non-profit and a massage center (pictured right when we opened in 2008). A few of them have been very successful, and couple complete failures. From these experiences, I know EXACTLY what a successful business owner does to build a strong foundation… for any type of business.

This is a fast-paced foundational program that will set you up for success! Over three months, you will receive a new module every other week.


Month Module Purpose Transformation
1 The Business Badass Mindset The reason businesses don’t succeed is not about tactics. It’s about mindset. Tony Robbins says business success is 80% psychology (i.e. mindset) and 20% mechanics. He is right. This month is grounding. It’s about clearing out all of the messages that WILL derail you.

  • Why do you want this?
  • Your beliefs (and how they may bite you in the ass)
  • Your fears
  • Your BIG WHY
  • What you have to offer (knowing you ARE qualified
Clarity about your big why and a bigger desire than ever to make your mark! And the courage to go for it.
2 Envision your business Before you start doing any work on launching the business, you need to get clear on what the business looks like. What do you consider success? Who do you help and how do you help them?

  • Your product or service
    > what type of business is right for you (MLM, franchise, your own thing)
  • Your market
  • Assessing demand
Clarity about what your business is—who you serve, what you do, what you offer. (Believe it or not, many small business owners DO NOT have this!)
3 The deal with the $$$ Money. You must realistically understand and deal with the money. If you want to be a business owner, you can not ignore how much money you have, how much you need, and whether you are spending it wisely.

  • Your money mindset
  • Charging what you are worth
  • Your personal budget: how much you need to make
  • Your business budget
  • Tools, tech and other business costs


Clarity about any unknown beliefs about money you have—beliefs that can cause you to give up on your dream. (And they WILL if you don’t face them head on.)
4 Your business plan You know your market, you know what the dollars look like. Now you need a business plan… even if you do not intend to try to get a bank loan. The business plan is your roadmap. Putting it together is a way to strategically think through the nuts and bolts of your business. It is fundamental to your launch.

  • The critical sections and how to work them
  • Pulling it together—the 1-page business plan
  • Bonus: for bricks and mortar—the commercial space
Confidence that you have a solid business design that will be successful.
5 Making your mark and attracting your dream clients Your business plan has given you an idea of where and how to market your business. Now it time for the fun stuff—branding your business and figuring out where and how to market it.

  • Your customer profile
  • Branding and website
  • Where and how to sell your services
  • Your marketing and advertising plan (including social media plan)
Clarity about how to successfully market and confidence to build your business without just throwing money out there and hoping something works.
6 Thrive your first year This month is about learning how to go with the flow and setting up the personal systems to make sure you are in it for the long haul.

  • What to expect the first year
  • Commitment to the business
  • Who to hire
  • Your inner business circle
  • Systems for success
Confidence that you have everything in place to make this dream a reality.

Program format:

  • Three months
  • Online course delivery—one module delivered each month
  • Unlimited email support
  • Private Facebook group (which you join after enrolling in the program).
  • Group Q&A format coaching call (come with your questions and breakthroughs, learn from the group—this is a very powerful format for unlocking deep seeded beliefs)
  • You will have access to the course modules and Facebook group for as long as the program exists. Should I close the program, you will have the opportunity to download the materials.

Ready to make your dream of business ownership come true? Schedule your Complimentary Biz Breakthrough Session now and we’ll talk about it.