Coach Susan - Gutsy Happiness
August 11, 2017

Coach Susan

Who is the Happiness Sherpa?

Short answer: I’m a woman who just wants to be happy, and hasn’t always known what that means.

Longer answer: I’m a middle-aged woman who doesn’t mind the wrinkles, as long as I’m happy living a life of purpose. The challenge is, I sometimes lose sight of what that purpose is. At least, until I sat down and did the work to figure it out. As I was figuring out what I really wanted to do with my life after turning 50, I had an epiphany— happiness is a process. A repeatable process. WOW! If I applied the steps to every aspect of my life, I would figure out my purpose (or purposes) and know exactly what I needed to do to get there.

So I did some work on my own, and I did some work with very talented coaches. It turns out my BIG purpose is to help other women do the same thing.

The Happiness Sherpa

I’m  a certified Coach trained in guiding people through life transitions. But when I think about it, that is just one credential that helps me help you. I think more importantly, I’ve done the work. Every single thing I recommend to you is something that profoundly helped me. It’s important to work with a coach that works with a coach!

I also studied journalism in college, and have spent 30 years honing my interviewing skills. I am an expert at asking the questions that will make you think about things differently. I’m an expert at following up and getting to the truth. And I’m an expert at bringing all the pieces together. As your happiness sherpa, these skills are invaluable.

I’ve done a lot in my life. The big successes, like writing a novel, I did with the help of a coach. The big failures, like taking a job that was the WRONG fit for me, I did all by my self. I have finally learned the lesson: sherpas get you where you need to go and keep you safe while doing it.

Other fun facts about me: I’m a writer, a wife, a step mom, a dog mom, a volunteer for the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, a women’s running coach and I hope a good friend. I love cooking, foraging for wild blackberries and SCUBA. I have a Masters degree in Urban & Environmental Policy and several certificates in marketing. I’ve owned three successful businesses. My dream is to live at the beach, and my husband and I have a plan to make it happen.

Mostly, I’m a human being doing the best I can in this world. What I want most is for women like me to be happy.