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What is Your Boss Lady Personality?

Are you one of the millions of women who dream of owning your own business? Congratulations... it's a great decision. 

One thing that keeps women from going for it is the fear their personality isn't a "business owner" personality. 

Hogwash. Every personality type — and therefore, every person — can own a thriving business. The trick is to create a business that works off your Boss Lady strengths. 

So what kind of business is the perfect fit for your personality? The answer awaits in this quick quiz...

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Why? Because this quiz is a lead generation tool. If you are interested in starting a business, you will soon learn that your list is your most valuable possession. So valuable that if you ever want to sell your business, the quality of your list will be a factor in the sale price. There are many ways to get people on the list — quizzes, tip sheets, e-books, workshops are all part of the mix.

Aside from creating a fun and useful tool, this quiz is how I am reaching women who are interested in becoming business owners, which is my market. If that isn’t you, my list isn’t for you. But if it IS you, I hope you join.

Here’s what will happen: entering your email address will give you immediate access to your result. I will then send you an email with a report that discusses all four personality types and put you into what is called a funnel. I work very hard to make the emails I send useful and relevant. I even ask for your feedback so I make sure the women on my list are learning great things. But if you don’t want to stay on the list, all you have to do is unsubscribe.

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