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How to be happy with yourself (even if you can’t imagine how)

How to be happy with yourself (even if you can’t imagine how)

Women often ask how to be happy with yourself even if you can’t imagine how. The answer is to master your mindset! I believe mindset is everything on this journey of how to be happy again. This week’s YouTube video offers three effective tools you can use right now.

How to Be Happy with Yourself

There are three things you can do to shift your thinking:

  1. Reframe your self-talk. If you are like most people, you are probably your own biggest critic. It’s hard to be happy when you are constantly being mean to yourself. I have my clients make one shift that nips this in the bud.
  2. Take time for you. How often do you take time out for yourself to do something you love to do? Probably not often, yet this is such a great way to be happy with yourself!
  3. Get in touch with your values. Often the reason people are unhappy is that they aren’t making daily life decisions based on their core values.

Watch the video for more detail on each of these steps. Then help me out: I’d love it if you popped down into the comments and tell me one thing you learned in this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to get new videos every week. And be sure to follow me on LinkedIn (@susanrose002), Facebook (@gutsyhappiness) and Twitter (@GutsyHappiness)!

The warning signs of burnout

The warning signs of burnout

Watch my video The Warning Signs of Burnout (and what to do about it) if you are wondering if the symptoms you’re feeling are, indeed, career burnout. In this video, I share the top three signs of career burnout—things that you may not realize mean that you suffer from unfulfilling career syndrome (chronic exhaustion, lack of motivation, and not taking care of yourself). I also share a very simple exercise you can do to assess whether you simply need a new job or you need an entirely new career.

  1. Exhaustion

The first warning sign of burnout is that you feel tired all the time. I mean bone crushing, can’t open your eyes tired. You just can’t muster any energy for anything—emotionally, mentally or physically. When I was burnout in my corporate job, I slept all weekend even though I had a ton I really wanted to do. I just couldn’t find the energy.

When you are burnt out, it depletes your energy. While this could be the sign of a health issue, but more often it really a sign of burnout.

  1. No Motivation

Warning sign number 2 is a lack of motivation. I was talking to a client the other day who said she just rolls her eyes and gets annoyed when someone asks her to do a project—projects that are literally her job to do.

When you don’t feel enthusiastic about what you’re doing and you no longer have an internal motivation to give your work your best effort, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing burnout.

Lack of motivation also manifests as having a hard time getting going in the morning, resistance to going to work, missing deadlines, not responding to messages. These are all signs of burnout.

  1. Not Taking Care of Yourself

My body always knew when I was burnt out before I did—I’d stop exercising and eating well. I’d gain weight.

If you realize you are drinking too much, smoking, being too sedentary, eating too much junk food, not eating enough in general or not getting enough sleep, and self-medicating with anything then career burnout may be behind it. A need to “de-stress” with any of these things is a sign of something else going on.

It makes sense: if you’re burnt out at work, you won’t have the energy to take care of yourself.

What to do about it

Okay, so now you realize you do, in fact, are burnt out. So what do you do about it?

The first step is to figure out WHY: is it the job you’re in specifically, the career path or something else in your life? You can start to figure it out by making two simple lists:

  1. list everything you love about your job or career
  2. list everything you hate about it

If there is more you love than you hate, it may just be your job. If there is more you hate than you love, it may be time to contemplate a career change.

Once you know, you can either start a job search or start the search for a new career. The one you choose will dictate the next steps to take from there. But this will give you some clarity!


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