Are you ready to change your BS corporate job into a He!! Yes purpose-focused life?

Are you a creative professional woman who wants to make a difference… but your career isn’t getting you there?

Here’s the thing: Your job isn’t the problem. Your boss isn’t the problem. Your co-workers are not the problem. The burnout and resentment you’re feeling are signs that it is time to follow your own path.

I help professional women with career burnout merge their creative talents and altruistic desires to create a career (or business) that make them insanely, chronically happy. I do that through a three-step process:


Get Your Head in the Game

Together we will clear the clutter… all those beliefs and messages keeping you stuck in an unfulfilling career rather than following your dreams. The things that are the reason you start but never finish.


Visualize Your Amazing, Creative, Fulfilling Life

You have creative talents and an altruistic desire to make the world better. But what does that actually LOOK like for you? Well, that is what we are going to discover. (And once you realize what it is, BAM…there is no stopping you.)


Go Into Massive Action with a Solid Plan

You can’t wing creating a purpose-focused career (or business). You need a solid plan with realistic action steps and timelines. Guiding you through that is one of my superpowers. You WILL make this work.

The Gutsy Happiness Path to a He!! Yes Career

I believe too many professional women spend years in career burnout rather than taking care of themselves by following their true desire. Are you one of them?

  • You feel like you have no control over your own time.
  • You work long hours on projects that you know in your heart really don’t matter.
  • Your creativity feels stifled, and you even fear you’re losing it… for example, you love to write but haven’t in months or years.
  • You don’t want to go to work and you resent the time you must spend in the office.
  • It annoys you when your boss or a co-worker asks you to do something (even if it is literally your job to do it).
  • You spend your downtime (all five minutes) daydreaming about doing something else, but don’t have the energy to actually do it.
  • You rarely spend time with your friends because you’re too tired to go out.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The problem is, all of the support and information out there is geared toward people who know what the exact next step is. But you just aren’t there. You may want to change careers, but to what? You may want to start a business, but that seems way too big of a leap. The information out there is overwhelming, but none of it fits where you are today.

Until now.

I believe in taking my clients on a slow(ish), safe, a deep dive where they get really clear about exactly what they want and why they want it, and then create the RIGHT plan to get it. One thing I have learned is there are MANY roads to a purpose-focused business/career… finding the right one for YOU makes all the difference.

In a world where everyone promises fast, fast, fast, why go slow(ish)? Because it is so easy to make the wrong choice when you go too fast. But know that slow does not mean stagnant. It doesn’t mean it will take years either. Slow means taking intentional, considered movement that has long-term reward. In fact, I have seen how the fast track can actually lead to stagnation as you spin your wheels trying to keep up. Truth: slow and steady wins the race.

Stop buying downloadable e-courses and books that offer no support. That’s not going to help you move forward toward a rewarding and chronically happy life doing creative work aligned with your altruist desires. What will help is a safe space to explore what you want to be doing with your life… and how to turn it into a new career or business.

Through my signature program, you will go from corporate drone in a B.S. job you hate more each day to successfully centered in your creative, purpose-focused He!! Yes life.

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Meet Susan Rose, Happiness & Success Coach

{a mindset, business/career, and life strategy expert helping professional women merge their creative talents and altruistic desires to create a career/business that make them happy.

What does it mean to be happy? As a human, it means living a purpose-focused life. I believe every minute you spend working in a B.S. career (that’s one where in your heart you know what you are doing doesn’t really matter), you are dying a little. That was me in my corporate marketing life. Doing work that DID NOT nourish my soul day in and day out took a toll. And my clients tell the same story.

The day I decided I had given enough of my life away and that I absolutely could not wake up in 20 years regretting my decisions was the best day of my life. Has the road been easy? No. Finding a career that uses my creative talents and serves a bigger purpose, clearing the mental clutter insisting that it’s too risky, and creating a solid plan takes work. But I know the way and I can safely lead you through it. That is my purpose in life. What is yours?

Susan’s program was not only inspiring and enlightening, it literally saved my life. Her warm, open leadership created a friendly and comfortable environment. Her practical exercises and perceptive questions helped me to clarify my dreams, and to realize that with work I can make them happen. I leave her program with practical tools to work with on my own.


You are not alone. Far from it. Take the first step to reclaiming your life and finding your gutsy happiness.

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