Happiness is the Adventure of Your Life

Do you feel adrift? You know there must be more to this life, but you aren’t sure what it is or how to get it? What if you could live a life of intentional joy and chronic happiness. Let’s talk about it.

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Happiness is...

CONFIDENCE to declare who I am and what I need.


Happiness is...

CLARITY about what I want in life.


Happiness is...

COURAGE to go after my dreams.

Meet Susan Rose, Happiness & Success Coach

{a mindset and life strategy expert helping women who feel lost transform their lives from blah to beautiful}

What does it mean to be happy? Clarity, confidence, and courage are what women tell me they are searching for to have the happiest life possible. It can be hard to find those things when you feel adrift, not sure which direction life is heading. As a Happiness and Success Coach, I take women on a journey I’ve taken myself. I know what it’s like to be in a draining, soul-sucking career instead of living a happy and purpose-driven life. I know what it is like to feel that something is important is missing in life, but have no idea what it is. I also know what it feels like to discover true purpose and happiness — to find the clarity, confidence, and courage to GO FOR IT. I want that for you.

Susan’s Gutsy Happiness Project was inspiring and enlightening. Her warm, open leadership created a friendly and comfortable group environment. Her practical exercises and perceptive questions helped me to clarify my dreams, and to realize that with work I can make them happen. I leave her program with practical tools to work with on my own.


You are not alone. Far from it. Take the first step to reclaiming your life and finding your gutsy happiness.

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