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I am a Happiness Coach, a mindset expert that guides women on a journey to find lasting, chronic happiness in their lives.
How to Love Your Career & Life

In this FREE Workshop, I share the Secret 5-Step formula that will help you find courage to leave a career you hate and design a happier life. You spend too much time at work to have it suck the life out of you. Start your happiness journey today!

The Gutsy Happiness System

This three-month program will transform your life. It’s especially for women in transition who feel stuck in their career and overwhelmed with figuring out what is next. Together we will address the mindset beliefs keeping you stuck, figure out what you really want, and make a plan!

Make Every Day More Positive

With so much negativity in the world, how can anyone stay positive? Kitten pictures help. Even better are the 5 simple tools that help me and my clients stay rooted in a positive mindset. In this FREE workshop, I share these tools, why they work, how to apply them in daily life.

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Meet Susan Rose

Happiness Coach
Susan Rose, Happiness Sherpa

What does it mean to be happy? Are you doing everything you can to live the happiest life possible? If the answer is yes, hurray! That is amazing. But if the answer is, well, ummmm, not so much… then you are in the right place. || I am a Life Transformation Strategist and Mindset Expert helping women find the courage to find the work they are passionate about… and transition to that career. I know what it’s like to be in a draining, soul sucking career instead of living a happy and purpose driven life. I also know what it feels like to discover true purpose and happiness. I want that for you. My goal is to guide you on the journey to a profoundly happy life (what I call chronic happiness). I will help you identify what makes you happy—body, mind and soul. Then I’ll help you get there.


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